Wednesday, March 13, 2013

White Smoke, White Smoke - WE HAVE WHITE SMOKE!

The day started like the other day.  We knew that there might be news from Rome but we still had to go about our day.  We started with Mass and then prepared for our guests that were planning on spending Spring Break with us.  I had to sit down and pay some bills while the older kiddos headed to the airport to great our guests.  We were thrilled to be welcoming Fr. Tom and his mom for a visit.  They also had two of the teens that have become very close to my teens during our yearly trips to St. Louis.   So I sat with the babies sleeping, the other kiddos playing out side to make sure we did not mess up the house before our guests arrived.  I had the news channel on as I forged ahead in that yucky tasks of paying bills.  
The site of the bird sitting on top the smoke chimney was fun.  I felt comfort glancing up every now and then and seeing the bird.  I will not forget the excitement that overcame me when I looked up and could see the white smoke.  I screamed and screamed, calling the kiddos.  In today's world it is hard to be Catholic.  It isn't hard to follow my faith but it is hard to be a part of all the ridicule that is often focused on something I love so much.  This moment was so different.  "We have a new pope, We have a new pope."  I heard a reporter saying at first and then the next time she spoke it changed to, "The Catholic Church has a new pope."  I loved that the entire world shared our Papa in those first few moments. 

I admit that the White smoke made me cry like a baby.  My hubby was in meetings all morning, I kept texting him with no response.  Our friends had landed and were going to get to our home as quickly as possible so that we could find out who are new Holy Father was together. 
I needed to get back to work but not until I celebrated by putting out the Vatican Flag.
We were thrilled when everyone arrived at home.  Poor J was stuck in meetings but Fr. Tom, his mom, K and B were here.  We were so happy to see them and yet those feelings were a little muted until we knew who had been chosen as our Holy Father.

The excitement was overwhelming.  We waited and prayed and waited some more.  At least we had the joy of all our friends to share the time with.

Francis is our new Holy Father.  Wow a Jesuit taking the name Francis.  He didn't look like I thought he would look, he didn't act like I thought he would act and yet when he asked for our prayers we all got down on our knees.   
We celebrated with sparkling juice as we toasted our visitors, our new Holy Father and beauty that is our Roman Catholic Faith! 
Silly joke that seams appropriate.  Although it is wrong to compare our government with the Holy Roman Catholic Church.   The man that we now know as Francis is not a choice that I thought would be coming.  Unlike with my country I did not have a vote and I don't get the privilege of thinking that he will be in office for four years and then we can make a change.  The Church just doesn't work that way.  I am taken back by the choice made by the Cardinals in the conclave.  I will live with it and learn to love our new Pope.  This is not something I have a choice in and that is OK with me.  It is hard for Americans because we often have a democracy attitude and that just doesn't apply to the election of a new Holy Father.  
My personality is more in line with our previous Holy Father.  That being said the world is full of so many different types of personalities.  This beautiful man has answered God' Call to lead this massive Church and all God's People at this time in history.  Pope Francis you have my love, my gratitude and my prayers!

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