Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My New Alter Servers

One of our family Lenten resolutions was to try to attend daily Mass more often.   As we entered our second week Bear was pulled aside and asked if he would want to start serving daily Mass.  Bear and Pickle were so excited.  They went through the training and the very next morning, they served officially for the very first time.  (Both boys have served with Fr. Tom in private Masses in the past.  The boys don't count those times because Father told them what to do the entire time. )
 They did a great job.
 I suspect this will help getting us to Mass on time.

The pictures are from the cry room glass.  I did offer to take them for breakfast to thank them for being so willing to serve at Mass.  We ended up at What A Berger.  Yummy, again no shots of them but it was a fun morning. 
I have many friends that fall into several camps when it comes to serving.  Boys only should serve any Mass or girls get to help too.  This issue came up again as we were also asked if Princess and Bagel wanted to learn as well.  So for the sake of sharing my thoughts I will add this in.  I feel that only boys should serve.  In trying to articulate my reasons I found an article that says it all.  "Should the infamous “altar girl” decision be reversed? Wm. Oddie opines."  Please visit (click on title), read the article from 2011 and then vote in the on going poll with your own opinion. 
I am proud of Bear and Pickle!

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