Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Important Part of Easter

The Bumblebee Family head to church.  The traffic in and out of Mass was so aweful.  We got out of the car a block away and then walked to church.  Dad got there in time for Mass but we had saved the spots.   
At Mass someone told me that they saw using walking over, man these colors really do stand out.  My dream is to someday live that cclose to our parish church. 

Mass was so crowded that we ended up in the old chapel facing into the main santuary.  This was not the best set up but at least we all got to sit together. 
 The twins enjoyed all that space and made a little too much noise.  Considering we were not in church we had no reason to take them out.

I love all the white on the alter but more importantly I love that the tabernacle is where it should be, in the main sactuary!  

Happy Easter!

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