Thursday, March 21, 2013

Father BEAR????

Bear is seriously considering a priestly vocation.  I don't know how this will end but right now I am filled with fear for him, joy in this possible priestly vocation, pride that my son will consider serving the SON, and then the worries of how it all happens.  We have not been strong with school with this one. He is so smart but it took him the longest time to read.  He now is a great reader but we never studied Latin.  Things like that are what filled my mind.  My husbands concerns were very different, the family name and all.  It is Bear that is thinking very rationally.  He doesn't know what the future holds or what God has planned for him.  He loved God and that is all that matters.  For now he will follow this course of action.  If it is not God's will for him then it will be made clear.  In pursuing this possible plan for my son's life he planned a visit with the vocations director for Galveston/Houston diocese along with a little tour of St. Mary's seminary.  He visited the seminary in St. Louis as well during our last visit there.  He is keeping all options open, and as we he knows God will make his plan clear as long as Bear listens. 

I am so proud of all my children.  Today I am sharing about how proud I am of Bear!  He has the strength to lead all of us if that is what God asks.

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