Thursday, February 28, 2013

Various February Shots

 Adorable - Beautiful looking cute while we visit the library. They are now 9 months old!
 How to swing a twin.  Adorable - Beautiful
Princess swinging with Adorable and Beautiful.
 More swinging with Adorable and Beautiful with Bagel in background.
 Daddy cuddles his babies Beautiful and Adorable.
 Morning cuddles with Beautiful - Adorable and Bagel.
 Princess with Adorable
 Look out both babies are now mobile.  Beautiful is playing in her bouncer while Adorable practices her crawling.
 More Princess and Adorable pictures.
 Big shock, another Princess shot.
 Here Adorable sleeps while Beautiful tries to wake her up so she could get her to play.
 Goobers with an Ash Wednesday blessing on her forehead.

My daily view of two precious babies pulling each other to get to my mom.

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