Wednesday, February 27, 2013


We finally got the older ones into visit the Allergist.  Sugar had to go because of her shellfish issues.  We also did not want her to do the scratch test depicted here.  We all thought Goobers was allergic to everything, we suspected Bear was OK and did not know what to expect with Possible.
 Possible had several raised responses. 
 It was a huge shock that Goobers had zero spots except the control.
Bear's arms lite up like Christmas trees.  Poor guy is allergic to all kinds of things.  He wasn't in a dangerous level but does need to be aware to not roll around in the grass. 


  1. Ugh...allergies! I feel for all of your kiddos. I haven't been back to the allergist in years...I've outgrown many allergies, but others have developed. Now, older, I have "other" autoimmune issues that I'm dealing with. Less nose...more skin/scalp problems. double ugh!

    Loved your last sentence..."does need to be aware to not roll around in the grass." That is so hard for kiddos NOT to do!!! Will OTCs help him?

  2. It is ok for Bear as he is 17 and does not want to be told to mow the lawn. Yes, so far we can treat most with otc meds. I hate to use many of them but it is ok so far. Allergies are just so bad right now, by summer the kids are all balanced back out. (As long as Bear doesn't roll in grass!)


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