Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day Eight - The Hill, Old Cathedral, The Arch, Ted Drews

Our first destination for the day was the historic area of Italian immigrants to the St. Louis area known as "The Hill". Everyone knows that this is the best place to find good family made Italian food. YUMMY. (2 different links - confirm what I consider common knowledge but my kids were clueless to.  We have lived away too long.)

Notice the Provel Tubes of Cheese.  Yum, can't buy cheese like that in Texas.

Now onto the Old St. Louis Cathedral.  This parish is hundreds of years old.  I couldn't help but be overcome with it's greatness as I looked at the baptismal font.  The Faith of the West was first shared here.

Now this is where I admit that I am not very smart.  I used to wonder why the "Co-Cathedral" in Houston is known as the Scared Heart Cathedral and not at the Galveston Houston Co-Cathedral.  After all in St. Louis the main building is known as the "St. Louis Cathedral/Basilica."  I am so stupid sometimes.  I forgot all about the fact that the this great city was in fact named after a wonderful SAINT.  The Cathedral does not bear the name of the city but that of this wonderful Saint.  (Hopefully not too many people will actually read this part here.)

Now the symbol of St. Louis itself, the St. Louis Arch.  The Gateway to the West.  The Jefferson Expansion Memorial.

After the ARCH we decided to grab a quick treat from Ted Drews.  The Frozen Custard here is the best.  The girls were excited to see that the Jonas Brothers had been to Ted Drews, not once but twice!

Sugar is protesting that we were here and not the alternative that her dad and she like better, Fritzes.  They will try to tell you that it is better, they are wrong.  Only Ted Drews has the history and the attraction. 

Another great day ending with us being surrounded by family.  Thank you dear Lord for such a wonderful Loving family.

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