Saturday, December 15, 2012

Neighborhood Visit with Santa

Every year for the last ten years we have made it a point to visit with Santa in our own neighborhood.  You must bring canned goods for the poor and that is the only cost.  We bring our own camera and the kids get a few minutes to tell Santa what they want for Christmas.  I love listening to others while we are there.  "ALL 11 are yours????"  You would think they would remember us from year to year but the neighborhood has a huge turnover and there were once again lots of new faces this year, including our twins.  They were all ready!
Sugar with Beautiful

Beautiful - Adorable - Goobers

Beautiful - Adorable 


Beautiful (left) and Adorable (right)

Another year with another visit.  Jumba was afraid to sit on Santa's lap this year so instead he just talked with him.

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