Sunday, December 23, 2012

I don't LOVE them more!

I have been accused of "loving the babies more" because of all the pictures and blogging I do about them. I have to laugh.  The big kids don't let me take their pictures and yet any time I plug in a memory car from either camera or my phone I am surprised at how many pictures have been taken of the twins.  I am not even the one taking the pictures, but why waist them. . .so I blog with them.


Adorable - Beautiful

Beautiful - Adorable
 Dinner went well!

The truth is I don't love them more.  I love all my children.  Each in a different way because each child is so unique.  I know God's love must be the same way.  His love for me looks different that His love for you.  I could confuse that and think that I wasn't loved but I know better. 

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