Saturday, December 22, 2012

Camauros Begins

Starting a business is not easy.  It takes lots of work and then if you are lucky enough to make any money the government will take a good portion of it from you.

We let the other business go.  There just wasn't enough money being made to share in so many ways.  Mr. D can continue with it and not share with us.  We then took over another contractors territory.  We bought his supplies and had his inventory transferred to us.  This took every family member and hours and hours of work.

This is a good crew.  The kids are very good at organizing.  The inventory went from looking like the top two pictures to this.  They did a great job.

We were then all set up to host our own events.  I can't say we are making money yet, but we are on our way.  No matter what the past seven months have been a true learning experience for all of us.  The high school kids will add a business class to their transcripts.  I admit that it is a very expensive class so far but well worth it.

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