Friday, November 23, 2012

So Full of Thanksgiving - 2012

There is so much that we as a family have to be thankful for this year.  So many blessings, so many changes, and so many answered prayers.  Last Thanksgiving we announced to the world that we were expecting new life, little did we know that it was actually two precious little ones growing inside mom.  We also had no idea how sick I would become.  We did not know how early the babies would be born or that they would spend weeks in the NICU.  The year also held heart ache and change of plans.  The year saw allergies become deadly.  We would never have predicted the job change for dad.  The year saw us get into a family business as well.  The last year had our older have become world travelers.  It really has been a year to be very THANKFUL for!

The newest tradition is the hats.  J and his crazy traditions, he saw hats and knew that they would be a part of thanksgivings for years to come!  Thank you God for each other and for crazy hats!


  1. You are so very blessed, Neen! The twins are absolutely beautiful...and getting so big. They look so very healthy!!! So I'm you do more than one turkey for your super-sized family? I had to laugh at the comment that you left for Jamie Jo about needing 2 doubt! It always takes longer to dry than wash! Sometimes I get the baskets stacked up with damp clothing waiting for the dryer! I imagine you have experienced the same!

    You should do some blog posts on managing a household for a super-sized family...when you can find the time, of course! I bet your posts would be a hit!


    1. One very large turkey. LOL. It was about 24 lbs for just my clan, we did not have any guests. With all the side dishes (we serve a lot of side dishes as each child gets to pick one and prepare) we end up with enough turkey and sides for about the entire weekend. When shopping for Thanksgiving I always have to buy grapes and huge cressent roles for big old turkey salad sandwitches.

      The twins are getting so big and they really are very very healthy. I am so blessed. So many answered prayers.

      We don't take out of washer until we can use dryer. Just too much. It slows me down so much. I do about 5 loads a day. Honestly they are almost always running. I fear a washing machine or dryer break down more than anything else. Even a day off can mean hours and hours of catch up. Oh well, I wouldn't give it up for anything. As you stated, "I am so very Blessed!"


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