Monday, October 1, 2012

Friendly Feet

Adorable being adorable

Beautiful being beautiful

Beautiful - Adorable
These babies and their feet are just too much.  
I guess it is just another fun twin thing.


  1. I'm commenting on this post because it's my favorite!! Oh, my--those feet together is just too much, how can the mama not eat those tosies all day?

    Happy birthday and many blessings for your son!!

    Congratulations for your husband. I've never seen those products...not sure MN has them?

    1. Today I actually took a picture of Adorable "teething" on Beautiful's foot. Crazy babies.

      You will not find those products in MN. They are coming up from Mexico and entering into markets that have a high Hispanic population. I would love to think that because is wonderful in sales you will see them very soon, but realistically it will be years.

      I look forward to more Simeon Pictures. I am hoping he is back to his huge full body smiles. In Paryers for you all!


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