Saturday, October 6, 2012

First Fire Pit of Season

It was Saturday night, it was a tad cooler than usual and the whole gang was there.  Dad broke out the pit and the fire was started.  This is a dad/kid thing.  They sit around and chat about life while everyone pokes at the fire.  I know that S'Mores were also part of the fun times.  
 How lucky are we that are kids all like spending time with each other and with their dad.  It was Saturday night and our teens did there own things and then came back to join in the fire pit.
 The promise of a potential fire pit night means everyone gets chores done so that we can enjoy a fire later.
It is on nights like this that I realize how blessed I really am to be married to a man that prefers spending time with his children to all other activities   He gives to them 100% of him and that is the coolest thing.  I am a little jealous of how close they are to him, but I am also proud that I knew to marry this guy.  It was the number one thing on my list, a good dad for our children.

Back inside I was taking care of the babies.  They both were struggling with a virus that settled in the chest.  Everyone was still breathing well and didn't have any fevers, but Adorable just wanted to be held constantly.  I would get her settled just long enough to nurse Beautiful and then she would wake up crying again.  
Mom with Adorable
 This was such a pain for mom and I sat there starting to feel sorry for myself until I remembered where we where just 5 months before.  I started to remember how helpless I felt when Adorable was on the breathing machines and how my touch would upset her.  I sat and cried tears of thanksgiving.  My mommy touch was ok now and in fact it helped her to feel better.  I am so thankful that God reminded me how much I love making my baby feel better by just my touch.  I love my Adorable and if she needs me, she gets me. 

Beautiful with Princess
Thank you God for cool nights, for fire pits, for family, for healthy babies, for hubby and for the gift of being mom to so many wonderful people!

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