Saturday, July 14, 2012

More Big Time Fun

My kiddos so enjoyed the Big Time Rush Concert last March when the band came to the Rodeo.  Then they found out that BTR was coming back to the area in July.  At first the group was mad at mom and dad because we could not buy tickets for them.  With the babies due on July 9th and all the medical bills we knew if would be a difficult time to make something like that happen.  The kids didn't care too much because  they decided they would still go over to the concert venue and try to hear the band at the sound check.  

The kids all had a blast.  I hear that Princess, Bagel and Possible were a couple of feet from JAMES when they all became starstruck.  The others were mad that they didn't say hi or even call the other siblings over.  I would have loved to see Possible or Princess dumbstruck.
   Dad and I headed out for dinner with the twins wondering if the kids would be home before the concert ended or if they would hang out and just listen.  Then we got a call that they were given 7 tickets.  Are you kidding me?  In the end they purchased two more tickets and they all went in and enjoyed the show.  When they got home they sat a chatted about the night.  I was delighted to sit and listen to all of their stories of a day of hanging out with near the members of Big Time Rush.  At one point Pickle didn't want to go, after all was said and done he was thrilled that he did go.  This group has fun together.  It doesn't matter that one is 21 years old and another is 4.  it isn't perfect but they do enjoy each other.

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  1. I love your last couple of lines here. I love that they all have fun together and no, the age range doesn't matter at fact that is what makes it so fun. What a great blessing for you and your family.


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