Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday Updates - Can you see any changes?

Twin Beautiful - Twin Adorable
 Look at my precious babies.  They are so much fun to cuddle.
Twin Beautiful - Twin Adorable

Beautiful - Adorable

Jumba with Twin Beautiful on Left and Twin Adorable on Right.
 Can you tell the difference in when I was holding the Twin early on Saturday morning and when Jumba had them early in the afternoon on Saturday?


During my morning visit with the twins, while the rest of the crowd were at the pool for the swim meet, I got great news.  I met with the Nurse Practitioner and she came into the room with a big smile on her face.  She told me that they had never expected the kids to eat as well as they were eating.  She said they especially expected Adorable to have issues.  I giggled and reminded her that they were my children and in our family "we love food!"  She said it was obvious and that she was having them go to straight breast feeding and bottle feeding, she put the order in to pull the feeding tubes for both babies.  They wanted to watch weight gain and monitor vitals to make sure nothing was struggling.  I cried with joy when she told me that after 3 weeks in the hospital they were looking fantastic and we needed to start preparing to bring them home.  The babies are now just in a flat bed with no pillows or extra support.  As long as they do well we will take them home in the middle of the week.

Thank you for all the prayers and please send a few more.


  1. praise God for babies growing and getting stronger and loving food!!

  2. They look great! You look great too--I can see you looking happier and healthier.
    Will still pray--the fun will be beginning soon with them coming home!


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