Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mimi's Knee

Mimi was scheduled to have second knee surgery last week.  The plan was to send Goobers and Sugar to help.  As it turned out there is something up in Mimi's heart so the surgery was postponed.  The girls went up anyway because mom wanted to have the time with them. I will want all my helpers home for the birth of the twins and their arrival home.  So depending on when mom's surgery is scheduled we will try to get someone to help her.  Right now Sugar and Goobers are just playing.  I am jealous, I would love that time with my mom.

 This was Sugar's first flight.  I thought she might be a little nervous but she wasn't.  She did have Goobers with her and Goobers is an old professional when it comes to flying.

 So here is my group shot.  Pooker at college and Goobers and Sugar with Mimi in St. Louis and the rest of the bunch gathered around the computer to talk to them.  One thing that amazed me is that my kiddos are friends.  They fight but they love each other.  Even when separated by miles and life, they still spend time together.  I love Skype!
Please continue to pray for my mom.  Mimi will be having her surgery after the heart issues are worked out.  Both the heart and knee are keeping us all a little worried.  Mimi is going to enjoy two of her granddaughters over the next two weeks while also seeing various doctors.  While they have fun the rest of us can pray for Mimi's health, her heart and her knee.

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