Sunday, April 1, 2012

Thing have changed!

What is this stuff?  and where are my little glass jars?   They have even changed baby food.  J and I are still overwhelmed every time we think about 2 babies at one time, or even any baby after we thought we were finished.  The twins will either keep us young or age us overnight.   I simply want to ask what God was thinking?  These precious souls must be special because they are His will.  We are so blessed but feeling so old when we walk down the baby isle to look at things and everyone shopping is 20 years younger than us and they seam to know that this is normal baby food. 


  1. I'm an old mama too, and I always wonder what people think when they see me with only one kiddo or maybe 2...I always tell the clerk there are many more at home!!!

    That baby food has changed since my last baby...
    Clothes sizes have changed since my last baby too,
    now they are Preemie size, Newborn size and then it goes to the normal 0-3 and 3-6 etc...

    Kind of fun to see the changes right? ANd be a part of it. Just think how much things will have changed once we are grandmas!!

  2. Well, Luke is only 19 months old...and I don't know what that is that you took a picture of. Is that baby food?!!!

    As of 9 months ago, it was still in plastic containers or glass jars. I actually preferred the glass containers...I'm pretty strict about not allowing the children (even Chris and me) not to eat food heated/warmed up in plastics or styrofoam...regardless of what the FDA claims has been removed from the containers. I always transferred foods to glass dished for warming...including on the road. Just my weird thing.

    I would wonder about those pouches...hmmm

    Since my kiddos have been born, they've always had newborn size and preemie size. If I were you, I would stock up on the preemie and newborn stuff...we forget how tiny babies really are...even the 7-pounder! I'm predicting you will have really tiny babies...a) they're girls and you know they typcially weigh 1-lb less than boys do and b) they're twins...

    Mary was 6lb 12oz at birth and between nursing and typical hospital weight loss she got down to 5lb 8 oz. Tiny! She was swimming in "newborn" size clothes. So, like I said, my advice was to have lots of preemie on hand! :)

  3. I don't know about all these changes. I think I have something under control and then it changes. Oh well such as life. As far as the clothes go my kiddos have always been big. The smallest babies were Pooker and Possible who were both born at 7'12", with my biggest one Princess being 10'12". Needless to say we have never needed premie sizes and have used Newborns size for only a week or so. That being said I have no idea what to expect if these gals comes early, which is probable. A whole new world?

  4. have had nice size babies!!!

    Still, with your sweet peas probably coming sooner rather than later, I would definitely get lots of newborn size...if not preemie.

    I know a few twin sets and I think they were each between 4.5 and 5.5 lbs....that's a lot of baby in inside...but not so big on the outside!

    I'm still shocked by those weird packages of food...I might check out the baby food aisle to see for myself! ha! I never stay in baby foods very long...except for Ben's lactose intolerance I don't have allergic kiddos (like poor Muffy!!!) so we transfer to table food after the introduction of baby foods pretty quick. What about you? Do you do all those 2nd/3rd foods? I liked the convenience of those when traveling on long car trips or while waiting for food to arrive in restaurants, but at home, my kiddos usually at mashed up food.

    Did you catch the weirdness going on in Hollywood...there's a movement where the mom chews up the food and spits it into baby's a mama bird.

    Ummmm, no thank you for our family, but if you try it out on the twins do tell!!!!!!!!! ;)

    Love ya!!!


  5. Checking in with you and so glad to see that all is well! Our newborn (7 wks now) has CF and so is still tiny ; I learned that the Newborn size is for 5-8 pounds (which she is still wearing). Then 0-3 mos. is for 8-12. There. And many thanks for sharing your life ~ I'm inspired by your truck post and the idea of that being a special gift for a commuting kid . . .
    Love, A


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