Monday, April 9, 2012

Off to College

Pooker requested a day with Jumba.  Dad and I have been running around with our heads cut off lately but we bent over backwards to give Jumba and Pooker this special time together.  I admit that I was a little worried that it might just be too much for Jumba but he was a trooper and had a blast!!!!  When I asked if he was doing OK, I got this picture as proof that he was loving college life with Pooker  . . .
Dad and I drove back to University of St. Thomas later that night to pick up our little one.  He hugged and kissed Pooker goodbye and climbed into the car.  I started asking a million questions.  After a few answers I could tell he was getting upset with me.  I asked if he just wanted me to be quiet and he agreed.  I paused but then had just one more important thing to ask.  I turned around to look at him and it was too late, he had fallen sound asleep in those few seconds.  College is much harder than Jumba thought it would be.

Now the others kids are waiting for their turn to have that much fun at college.  Thanks Pooker for making Jumba feel so special and for working so hard to maintain great relationships with even the youngest siblings.  Pooker you amaze me with your ability to include others.

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