Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fundraising and Every One Helps

So the "Year of Faith" Pilgrimage was in the works and our fundraising began.  We started with the big Easter Lily Sale.  As I said before this was a fundraiser that was guided and protected by Blessed Kateri, The Lily of the Mohawks.

My favorite part of these two weekends was that even though the travelers were going to be dad, Goobers, Bear and Sugar with Kat and another friend, all my kiddos stepped up to plate to help out.  To say that we created some memories would be a major understatement. 
We had many methods for the selling.  Door to Door, End of the block stands, emails, facebook, personal calls, walking through a parking lot with a box full of flowers, and then outside of the Masses at St. Annes Catholic Church.
This was hot work but they kept at it.  The little ones didn't give up and at times they showed more determination than the big kids.
At one house Possible and Princess had to wait for about 10 minutes for the lady to get to the door.  They saw her getting up through the window in the door so they waited for her.  She was a very old woman.  She loved the flowers.
Possible said that she wanted to cry when the lady said she couldn't afford the $10 per plant fee but she still wanted to give her $3 to the cause. 

Princess then said that she paused and made sure that they all prayed together.  The lady asked that God help with the fundraising and that each of the kiddos get all the money they need.
The kids left feeling so elated with having had that time with her.  That was the first Sunday afternoon.  After Mass that evening and dinner we secretly left a lily on that Lady's front porch.  That was so much fun!
 The second weekend we started more slowly than the first weekend and we were tired.  Goobers  got to drive the truck around the neighborhood with her dad and that helped motivate that group.  I took the others around in the van. 
 Dad and I found we were offering little competitions like the first one to get to 10 this morning gets a coffee, or the group with the most sales today gets a sonic drink.
Selling at church was still work and it was so fun to interact with the members of this smaller parish.  (more than any parish grew up in but much much smaller than our current parishes.)   Our friend the D family and fellow travelers are members there and we so enjoyed meeting there people.

 I loved that the whole family got involved.  We still giggle at some memories and I loved spending time with our friends. 
It is true that this adventure was blessed.  These kiddos earned quit a bit of money those two weekends and were able to send huge checks in to cover a good chunk of their trips.  We still have a long way to go but having reached that huge hurtle of starting with the money saving. 
If you were one that bought a lily or a few of them
        "Thank You for your Purchase"
These Texas Teens will be going to ItalyFor the “Year of Faith”Pilgrimage
We would like to take your prayers with us to remember in the various churches as we travel    Oct 15-25, 2012.  Send your intentions to:
Everyone is welcome to offer prayer requests.  Please remember these teens as they prepare for this awesome adventure!

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