Monday, April 9, 2012

Be Our Guests

I know that you have heard me talk about this before.  I love highschool theater.  I think it is better than professional stuff.   I think that highschool kids give their hearts and souls into what they do making a production fun and well done.
 Our good friend Mr. B, who is a neighbor and good friend with Pooker, Goobers, and Bear, is now a senior at the local Catholic Boys High School.  He will not be pursuing a career in acting and we just had to see his final show.
 I loved that the story was Beauty and the Beast, a very family friendly show.  So we took everyone. 

 B was Maurice, Belle's Father.  He did an excellent job.  It really was fun watching this production and taking the little ones. 
 Getting Mr. B's autograph afterwards was silly but we all loved it.  I am only sad that we no longer have a friend that will be going to the local high schools that are in theater.  Oh well. 
Thank you Mr. B, it has been our pleasure watching you preform over the years.  Good luck in all future endeavors.

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