Friday, December 16, 2011

Shopping for Christmas Outfits

I had thought we would go simple this year.  Maybe slacks and a nice sweater.  My kiddos had other plans.  We have been asked if we will be one of those families that dress the twins alike and I have to giggle.  The rest of them still like to dress alike in many ways.  They don't copy each other but always want to complement each other.  This does make the formal group shots very nice on the eyes. 

I had little say once we got to the store.  The big girls took the lead and honestly it was very nice.  Once a Cream and Black Theme was chosen they went to town.  We separated to finish the task and then gathered again to make purchases.  I could not have picked such a beautiful coordinated look out if I had gone shopping myself.  I am so thankful that the girls were so eager to still "match".  We have so many different ages that it helps to make everyone feel included. 

The next day I went out with dad and the boys.  It really does crack me up how different these groups are.  I must say that the boys are a little more picky about their end result.  Matching is less important as personal taste.  In the end I think we did OK.  I know that once both groups are together they will blend beautifully.

 I suspect that this amount of effort to "match" is unique to few families.  I have heard other moms of large families say that they gave up on those ideas after number five or six.  Our two youngest (so far) would hear about it. 
Check out this dapper young man.  The only boy that had to try everything on to show off to his sisters.  They then got upset that I added Cranberry to the boys color wheel.  I didn't want a complete cream and black shot.  I know that when it  all comes together on Christmas Eve it will be beautiful.  They are beautiful people, celebrating together.  I am one very blessed mom.  You will see the results when I post on Christmas.

P.S.  Dad and I went out again on Saturday.  We were able to locate a Motherhood outlet mall where one big fat old pregnant mom was able to find something that will match the crowd.  Yeah!

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