Thursday, December 22, 2011

"Everything is different with twins."

I am just pregnant but so far that statement is true.  I have hit 11 weeks  5 days and I can tell I have a little more energy.  I already feel like I can't get enough air so I am sure as they get bigger and bigger I will struggle with that.  My belly is bigger and feel very pregnant.  When I am hungry I am starving.  When I get tired, I am exhausted.  When I get emotional, I can cry, yell and giggle at the same time.  The twins are already taking over.  The kids say good night to be and then to my belly.  Jumba will "cuddle" with me each morning and each night before bed and spend about five minutes just rubbing his hand over the top part of my belly telling the babies about his day or just saying that he loves them. 

J and I have spent the past three days doing our Christmas shopping.  My hubby refuses to shop early. Every year I stress about this and get very angry with him.  Once we start shopping and get into the groove it all works out.  We got three gifts for all 9 children in just 3 days.  I was able to get some naps here and there and eat whenever I needed to.  J was very respectful of my needs.  The gifts we get at the last minute are always a million times better than the list I create in September.  He insists on going with me and even goes into the perfume/makeup store he goes to help.  I realized that this takes the pressure off.  If someone doesn't like something it was mom and dad who picked it (with Santa).  They all love each gift, though.  J and I really do work well together when it comes to our kiddos. 

While making our last purchase yesterday the lady in line behind us turned out to be an old friend.  As we were catching up we shared with her that we were expecting twins.  The lady in front of me turned around and exclaimed,
"You are having twins!!!  Oh my gosh, EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT WITH TWINS."  She didn't seam to be very encouraging and I was a little taken back.  "I know about twins, I have a set."  She continued.  "They will change your entire life, good luck." 
"How old are your twins?"  I asked trying to recover from her short attitude about this topic that is now dear to my heart.
She responded by showing me the three sets of pj's in her arms.  "They are 6 and they have an older sister.  She was just two when they came, you have no idea what you are in for."
"Well we have plenty of help at home so I am not worried about the baby part, just the being pregnant part."
"That is the easy part, sleep now, it will be years before you rest again."
At this point the topic of twins opened up into a store wide discussion, at least to all those in line and behind the register.  The girl behind the counter was the aunt of twins and after helping her older sister with the twins when she was 15 she decided she didn't want to be a mother at all.   Another lady in line with a double stroller with two adorable boys ages 3 and 1 claimed that she would die before having twins now, just too much work.
At this point we just smiled and said, "We are happy about the twins.  They will add to our already big family.  We know that all the older brothers and sisters will help with the baby times.  We do ask that if anyone here can offer a prayer for them and their health, please do, we are most grateful for all prayers."

We wished the woman well as she left the register and I know that being overwhelmed is part of being a mother of twins.  I am glad that we have so many very eager hands that will help.  I also pray that all those moms that focus on the bad part of having babies can train themselves to focus on the good parts and the good memories. 

God Bless all Moms and Dads, especially those of twins.  Please help each of them to see your love in their bundles and not the mess.  Please help J and I to be good parents to these two and the rest of our crowd.  We love each of them so much and strive to know them and see them as you do.  Amen!

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  1. This post brought a bit of sadness to my heart.

    While I agree that "everything may be different with twins"...I really think that only applies to the pregnancy part. Or, perhaps, it really only applies to 1st time moms or moms with only 1 and then a set...I just dont' think it applies to mothers of 3 or more.

    So many told us...oh, you're really in for it you will be outnumbered. Yet, as my mom told me, "but now you have 2 helpers. I remember when I had Joy and what a big help you were."

    I supposed when you have lots of babies in a short number of years it can be overwhelming, but as God saw fit to space my children differently, I really haven't felt overwhelmed by's more of just being tired b/c Daddy is on duty and not around much to help...wouldn't matter if it was 1 child or's still "single" parenting to a certain extent!

    Anyway, I just keep you guys in my prayers for a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery...I think you've got the post-partum part figured out! :)



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