Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pickle is 11

My precious Pickle had a birthday on Saturday.  He had a countdown going for weeks and couldn't wait.  His dad had the flu on his big day so he felt let down.  Dad was going to take him to Bass Pro and it just didn't happen, dad was too sick.  Maybe next weekend. 

The hardest part was that we waited until Sunday to eat his Cheesecake.  He had picked that and we all were longing for a piece.  It was worth the wait, YUMMY!

Pickle is a kind soul that is usually very happy.  I can count on him for a hug when I most need one.  He is a sensitive heart and his mind is always thinking.  Just yesterday he expressed how disappointed he was in himself for only being able to recall 3 Christmas songs.  He thinks that at 11 you should have a larger collection to pull from.  He thinks about things differently that most people.  The world is a much better place with this precious young man in it.  Dad and I are so proud of him and we thank God for sending him to us.  God Bless Pickle and Happy Birthday!

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