Thursday, November 17, 2011

Changes to the Mass are coming!

The Mass will look a little different starting the end of this month.  I have run into a few different thoughts on these changes the past few weeks that have surprised me.  I listened to a woman in her late 60's last week talk about the changes with such anger.  I still can not understand where that anger was coming from.  Maybe they changed the Mass drastically when she was a teenager before and she was raised not to be upset with the church.  Now she has a voice and we encourage your thoughts so she is expressing them.  The main issue to her was the cost of changing all the books.  She felt that was taking a huge chunk of money that our church just doesn't have right now.  "There are poor people in the world why we wasting money on these little changes?"  My only response was to keep quiet.

I love my church, I obey when I need to.  I didn't really have an opinion about the changes.  I will except them and try to learn the new wording as quickly as possible.  Not much thought was going into the big changes until I heard that complaint.  My answer to that complaint and to all doubt fell away this past weekend.  We have been attending Mass at a smaller parish than the one the kids have gone through sacrament prep for.  The pastor is older and sick, and honestly not really participating much.  The associate is working double time without the authority, he is a humble man with a great love of the Eucharist.  His words at the end of Mass this past week summed up the changes beautifully. 

"We have started saying the Mass the new way a few weeks early.  We don't need to upset anyone by talking about it and other parishes that are not using the new words are not doing anything wrong.  We will continue to use the words and I must tell you that I really like the changes.  I really like the new wording."  Here he paused as if searching for the perfect way to say it.  J and I looked at each other across our row of kids a little curious as to what he would say next.  "The words, the new words remind me, as the priest, to be humble.  The words remind me of my place before God!" 

Ummm, OK. That little revelation was enough for me.  I get the changes now and I will embrace them.  My old brain might take awhile to learn the new responses but now my heart is in the right place. 

For those that would like more information check out the video above. 


  1. I too have witnessed lots of anger...and maybe worse...ambivalence over the changes of the wording.

    I, too, just don't understand it, but I will say that these are the exact same people that expressed outrage at the thought that I would ENTERTAIN attending a Latin Mass. I just want to experience the beauty of it...I never said I want every Parish to be required to "go back to the old ways where nobody understood what was going on" (to quote a few folks) *sigh*

    For me, the bottom line is about what we receive at Mass...the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. It can be the ugliest parish...most modern...most outdated...worst Pastor sermons...unfriendly parishoners, in Latin...folk music...etc. In the end, none of that matters...just receiving the Body and Blood of Christ. glad to share my thoughts on this with someone who cares!!!

    Love ya!


  2. Wow. That really gives the changes a different perspective.
    I don't mind the words changing, but I don't like the music that our diocese is using. I asked my mom last night why they are changing the Lamb of God when the words didn't change. I absolutely LOVE the one we've been using. It was acapella, and in such beautiful harmony that it brought me to tears. The music we're changing to is difficult to follow, and the Gloria isn't joyful; it's long and painful to go through. I feel comfortable enough with the music director to say something to him, and get his take on it. Maybe then I'll understand the music part of it!

  3. Mary, Our music down here is so modern already that the changes are pushing for better music anyway. I do agree that the way the Glori sounds now is awful. I agree with the word painful. I can't tell if we are just really bad at it or is it the wording? I look forward to hearing the states respond next week.


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