Sunday, October 9, 2011

Park Fun

The kids had fun the other day at the park. We went after first Friday Mass. This was a simple yet fun morning. The group included some of my close friends and some new friends. My kiddos hung out together at first and then played with the others around. There are two things to notice in these pictures.  
#1  Possible spent the morning quietly talking with her new friend. As it turns out this young woman has a congenital heart defect. She must remain still and can not run around. Possible's condition was 100% correctable but she can relate to this young woman. Her restricted life could have been Possible's life. 
#2 Nothing stops Bagel.It was a very nice day outside. Still extremely warm for October but that is Houston. either way we had a good morning with friends.

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  1. Looks like a ton of fun! Your family is gorgeous and I so enjoyed your blog! Happy Homeschooling! God Bless :D


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