Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bagel arm update!

I have been so worried about Bagel.  Her breaks were very bad.  My fear was that they were not set as perfectly as needed and that they would need to go back in surgery to fix the arm. 
She was getting nervous as we waited.  It was hard to get a good clean x-ray but I was very proud of Bagel.  She did everything she was told.  I was so relieved when the doctor saw the pictures.  "The arm was set perfectly, and we don't want to mess it up at all!" 
Possibles favorite person from the orthopedics office came in next.  Mr. Nick is the one that puts the casts on.  It was time for him to reset her arm in new cast without messing up how it it was set.  To do that they put her fingers in this contraptions and unwrapped her arm. 
Bagel was in full on panic mode at this point.  She didn't want to see her arm but she was trapped and had been told not to move too much.  Mr. Nick unwrapped and she started crying and breathing heavy.  Once I saw how good the arm looked I told her to just look at it.   She did and calmed instantly down.  She was going to be OK and we knew it right then and there.
Her favorite  color was picked she got her beautiful purple cast.
I forget how much comfort it is to know the doctors and trust them.  When we were in the emergency room they wanted to refer us to someone and I refused.  Because of Possible we actually knew a wonderful had/arm specialist.  I can't tell you how good it was to hear this doctor assure me that her arm looked great.   Whew!

This is when I need to thank the doctor and the staff from Sterling Ridge Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine.  Once again they have gone out of the way to help a daughter feel better and to assure mom and dad that our children are in the best of care.  Even this visit I was very impressed with everything.  Bagel started to cry when Mr. Nick unwrapped her arm  the  receptionist came over to help me calm her down.  Thanks to SROSM. 

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  1. So glad to hear that the arm was set correctly the first time...I know...from personal difficult it is for our medical personnel to get it right the first time on very bad breaks.

    Sounds to me like prayers were answered!



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