Sunday, August 28, 2011

A surprise Dinner

It was the end of the summer session, Pooker gave us a call.  She said that it was Linguini's last night of his summer job.  Her class had been canceled and she wanted us to go with her to visit Linguini.  Time with our college student is so rare that we jumped at the chance.  The drive to the restaurant provided for ample time for conversation.

 Once there we were encouraged to try a special guacamole dip because Linguini would have to make it in front of us.   He did a great job.  The food was all yummy but time with Pooker and Linguni was special.  Now he back to school no time to cooking or serving.  The school year always starts way too soon.  Next time I only hope to get a picture of Pooker as well.

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