Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fr. Tom in town for a few days!

We always have a great time when Fr. Tom is in town.  It was a very short visit for Father but as always we made the most of it.  Unfortunately Possible's arm caused a few problems in our day.  She had the pins put in and then at her appointment on Tuesday the Doctor wanted more testing.  He was fearful that she might need more surgery.  As of now we are in a waiting pattern, the poor girl is so upset.   
 When we were not at Doctor appointments we were playing.  This time Lazar tag was a must because dad would not let us ice skate.  Even Possible was up for it but her Doctors would not let her.  J is still a little leery of it as well.  Fr. Tom loves to ice skate and it would have been a perfect activity.  My poor baby, she is still so upset.  I am sure we will ice skate again in the future as I have been told that after we change our insurance next year we might be able to try again. 
I think I heard that the green team won.  No even sure who was on which team but J played to protect Possible.  I hear that everyone else was out for blood and that at some point we will have to step up the game to paint ball.  Oh Fr. Tom's team won!  That was important enough that it was repeated several times. 

One of my favorite parts of the visit was hearing the Monday morning Mass said by our dear friend.  I didn't make the effort to go to Masses said by my friend when we were in St. Louis and now I miss them.  I can't begin to share how wonderful it is to have one of your favorite people in the world saying the Mass.  I can only hope and continue to pray that one of my own sons will become a priest.  God please send us more servants for the church and if my son or sons are called, please help him/them to have the courage and strength to be a good priest.  Thank you also for our dear friend.

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  1. I've heard that more often than not, the call to religious life is answered from large families. I do not think that God does not call young men and women to religious life from smaller families, but that instead the call can be lost in transmission when living out life in today's secular society. When you only have 1 or 2 children, perhaps even 3, it is easy to give them so many more material items, thus not focusing on serving God. Just my thoughts.

    Looks like you had a wonderful time with Father Tom. Sorry to read that your little one is struggling with the healing process. Must of been one nasty break!


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