Thursday, April 21, 2011

First Communion Dress Shopping, Tradition Style

Our family tradition for first Holy Communion is special for the girls. When the time gets closer we head out to purchase the dress. All girls that already have made their Communion get to join in the adventure. That means that this time every girl in the house got to go. The hard part was finding the time to get everyone together. We went early, without the date set, because dresses are out now but will disappear from the stores soon. The day was planned and we set out.

I think that the older kids were more excited about the day at first. We decided to start where we usually end up. Burlington Coat Factory had a ton of choices. The older kids got right to work. They found all the choices in the appropriate sizes. Princess started the day with a bad headache and had a hard time getting into it. Bagel knew what dress she wanted when she first laid eyes on it.

We took lots back to the dressing room. The woman working the area was a little concerned because we wanted to all go into the big dressing room with about 15 dresses in hand. In the end she let us go with the promise that we would gather up the dresses and put them back ourselves.

We all loved this part. The two girls lit up as they tried on each dress . Bagel stayed true to the one she thought she liked at the beginning. I must admit that she looked amazing. Princess wanted to try everything one again and again. In the end she picked more than one and we had to all vote.

Bagel was thrilled when wearing "her dress". I cried two times this afternoon. In the end the kids did not see me but it was when I saw each girl in the dress that they ended up picking.

Dress shopping with these crazy kiddos is fun.

Then came lunch. We ended up at Olive Garden and it was a Friday during Lent so it was Alfredo for everyone. No worries we all love it.

There are times when we fight. There are times when we are too busy to be together. Days like this remind us what being a family is all about. These six girls have taken on the world together. I know they will continue to do so. I admire each and everyone of them. Strong, loving, faith filled woman who will support each other no matter what.
Not to mention that they are all adorable as well!

In the end Pooker was able to get out of work so we headed to the Mall to look for Easter outfits and to complete the other part of the tradition, ear piercing. We all played with the manikins in various stores until one girl thought we were taking pictures for a competing store and told us to stop.

We really had a blast.

Girls being girls,

More importantly it was sisters being sisters!

The time of truth finally came, we headed to Claire's for the ear piercing. They both wanted them done and begged and begged to get there. Once there panic set in.

Princess was ready but Bagel wasn't.

After Princess had her done we found a few more dresses to try out. In the end we ended up with the same one. When we finally made up our minds that Princess already had the right dress, Bagel took us back to get her ears done.
She was nervous but not backing out this time.

She didn't want them watching. This was hard on all of them as they wanted to be standing with her. They did what she wished and stood to the side.

The girls all cheered when it was said and done.

Princess and Bagel are now part of the big kid world with their ears pierced.

This ended our busy day. We had a blast. We got two beautiful dresses for two beautiful girls. We all agreed that the next time we will head out looking for a white dress will be for a wedding years from now. They all look forward to that and hoped to continue the tradition with their own children. Time will tell about all that but for now join me in thanking our heavenly Father for these awesome girls in my life and ask for special blessing fo the two preparing for First Holy Communion.
God Bless Princess and Bagel!


  1. What a sweet post! It brought tears to my eyes. (I'm a bit jealous that you have "daughters" and thus "sisters"!!! :)

    I haven't decided for certain, and I still have a couple more years ahead of me, but I'm thinking of turning my wedding gown into Mary's First Holy Communion dress. There is a local woman that does beautiful work turning wedding dresses into baptismal and First Holy Communion gowns.

    Decisions, decisions. :)

    Blessings to you,

  2. What a wonderful tradition! Having all boys, I didn't get that "girl time". Congratulations to the girls on their First Communion!

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  7. Looks like you all had a great time searching for first communion dresses. Thanks for sharing


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