Sunday, October 17, 2010

A little park time

We have backed out of many of our Bread of Life activities. We love this group of homeschooling people. With our plans to travel next year we wanted to focus on our studies more. So as the group became more and more structured with their activities my kiddos are looking for some play time.We tried to join the group after Fine Arts Club. We didn't realize how much they added to the program because we arrived about an hour too early. After a little painting we headed to the play ground to wait.
We had tons of fun but very few friends played. They were over worked and many left right after the class.
C man joined us for some climbing.
Each one of the kiddos enjoyed climbing.

The level of stress and structure will need to be another post on the homeschool blog at some point soon. My thoughts in general are that we push too much and forget to let the kiddos just play. (More on this later.) King of the mountain, King of the hill or King of the climbing structure are all important accomplishments. All my younger kiddos had their moments on top.
After an hour we chatted with a few friends and then headed home. We miss playing with our BOL friends but we still had a blast at the park. Maybe next time it will be cooler and more people will stick around to play after their class time.

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  1. Not that we've really started homeschooling yet, but I try to remember to just let my kids play, and to put myself wholly into play with them- computer, books, phone aside. It makes such a huge difference in their attitudes, and at the end of the day when I ask her what her favorite part is, she always says it was when I played with her. :-)

    And not that I have to tell you, but this weather has been HORRIBLE so we're all just waiting for it to cool off a little more before we venture out to the park!


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