Monday, August 16, 2010

One family

So in life you run into people that you know will be always be a part of your life. Not because you are officially in the same family with the same last name but you are in the same Family. You know the human family. The G family are like that for J and I. We just feel connected to Mike and Shannon.
So this past weekend they welcomed their baby into the church. What a joyous event and we felt honored to witness. This young couple have a beautiful way of sharing their faith filled joy with their friends. They consider our children to be in that title of friend and that is awesome.
It is such a sweet beautiful event watching "the family" grow with a new member. Kateri will live her life in the path to heaven with the rest of us. Our journey has been joined with this precious young soul.
Do you see Possible in the background just grinning? That is how we felt the entire time.
The other exciting part is that Shannon's family is from St. Louis. It was wonderful chatting about our old home town. I miss the culture of St. Louis and I was so thankful that we as a family got to bond a little with Shannon's family over some of those St. Louis things.
Mike's family we know from our first parish here in Houston. We loved that time as well.
Not to mention cute baby time with Kateri as well. She smelled so sweet from the chrism oils.
Jumba loves the baby. He must check out the feet. I love baby feet too so I get it. There is nothing cuter than the precious little form of the baby foot.
We all enjoyed baby time even Mrs. W.

Possible's turn with Jumba still hanging close by.

Pickle sure does love that baby.

Welcome to the Christian family little one. Your path to heaven will not be easy but we are here to help with all the hugs and kisses possible.

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