Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jumba and some funny bug comments

After Mass this week we walked outside while having a discussion about the bug that had attached itself to the window during Mass. It was a huge bug so it was very interesting for Jumba to watch it as Mass ended. We remembered the week before, we had spotted a lizard at the window. I remarked at how nature must love God because of HIS bugs even check in on HIM.
This is where Jumba got very upset. "The Bug doesn't belong to Jesus. He did not buy it." I responded with the logic. "God created them so they all belong to God."
"Mom this is my church, we go here and give them pennies, I own the bug, it is my bug!" I let it go. For some reason owning the bug means the world to Jumba.

So a few days later Possible was trying to get Jumba ready to go outside to play. She pulled out a can of OFF of keep the bugs away. Possible starting spraying Jumba's legs when he asked her, "What is that?" She answered, "Bug Spray baby doll now stand still." He then grabbed her arm and screamed, "What the heck do you think you are doing? I am not a bug!"

Jumba always makes us laugh!

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