Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My 6 year old Bagel

Happy 6Th big girl. Our little Bagel. The first Texas baby born deep into the heat of summer. She is as spunky in life as she is in this picture.This year wasn't like the rest with her appendix bursting on Good Friday. Let me just say that I will not take the next birthday for granted again. It is so easy to dismiss things but this year we were reminded how blessed we are to have our precious little Bagel. I would have preferred another meal for her celebration but she got to pick. At least the McDonald's we went to had the air pumped up high.

As always she was just so happy to be with her family.
We all enjoyed a few giggles as we climbed in the tubes and slides and ate our yummy lunch.

We made sure to catch everyone with the camera.
Even the big kids.
And little ones.
I really feel so blessed to have such a great bunch of kiddos.
After lunch we headed to the pool where Pooker was working and Goobers needed to work.
As luck would have it we arrived just in time for a thunder break. Yeah! My life guards had time to sing and watch Bagel blow out her candles.
We also sang to the other guard who also was celebrating his birthday (17Th).
Three awesome guards.
Now on to the swimming.

What a great day!

Happy Birthday my Bagel. We all love you so much and are so thankful to enjoy the day with you.

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  1. what a little sweetheart she is. happy 6th bday Bagel. and how wonderful to have all the siblings around her to celebrate.


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