Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cuda Rice Krispy Traditions

Annual Cudas Rice Krispy Treat Contest
This is one of our favorite Cuda traditions. Every year the team has a cool competition. Toward the end of the season, the night before a home meet, we all come to the pool with our Rice Krispy Treat creation. We love this. It is an easy and fun thing for the entire family to help with. We used to get together with a few other families as well.

After the morning practice the kiddos go into creation mode. They work ideas out in their minds all day. Dad ran to the store with mom to pick up supplies. About $60 later the work began.

This year in honor of Toy Story 3's release the kiddos decided to try to create Buzz and Woody both in a Cuda Swim Suit.

I think they did a great job. They were huge also, which was perfect for all the kiddos to help shape and add candies.

My ever thoughtful girls also created two butterflies. One had Linda T's letter and the other was for Lisa R. Just like these two young mothers that we lost last fall the butterflies in their honor were beautiful! Swim team is different this year for sure, but we know they are with us still.

Kat and Sugar worked at Kat's all afternoon and created the "Sushi" in the left of the picture. It was very creative. She used her mom's icing on part of it and store bought stuff on the rest. Linda's was better for sure. Kat would be making her mom so proud.

The creations are out of this world. It is such a fun thing to do. Each year they continue to amaze me with the fun ideas that come forward.

How sad that the Texas T Family creations take up their own table.

Kat and Sugar spending time with their dad's.

Jumba starting swimming all by himself this very night. He was wearing the floaty suit and took off. That hair cut helped him grow up in many ways. I miss my baby but I love this funny kid, he is laughing behind me as I type.

Time for the judging. Not any easy thing to do with all those creative fun ideas.

Woody won the award for most Creative. Yeah kiddos. Sugar and Kat's Sushi won an award also. Award or no award it was a yummy night!!!

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