Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Incredible Fr. Tom

Who is this person that I often refer to? Well he just happens to be one of my very best friends. We met on a March for Life years ago, we celebrated 20 years as friends two years ago in January. Father and I were friends while he was in seminary and I was in college. We spent many an evening on the phone discussing his classes and papers he was writing. I learned so much from those phone calls. Not to mention that this man always has had a sense of adventure and fun. Ice skating and Ted Drews were always involved in our activities.
(Here Fr. Keller is being "treated" for a skinned knee. The teens organized a
huge Capture the Flag game in Father's honor. He taught them the game years
before and they wanted to share with him their CTF group. I was glad to know
that they keep first aid kits handy.)

When I met J, I was most nervous about their friendship, would they get along? Would they love each other as much as I loved both of them? In the end I was blessed to marry a man that also adores my friend. The yearly visits are so much fun for all of us. J and Fr. are both kids at heart. Put them together with 9 children and "let the fun begin."

I took Goobers, Bear and Sugar to the airport to retrieve Fr. The fun began there with question and answer time. Fr. did a wonderful job and spoke to the children as he used to speak with me. Faith questions were flying. I love that Fr. was not holding back. He gives the answer and lets it stand on truth while allowing the teens to come to it themselves. Always there to help the answer sink in with a fun story. He is such a great teacher.

I think this is what we enjoyed the most about Father Keller's visit. He is so kind and patient in his teachings. Often we would find our selves just sitting and listening to the answers. Thank you Fr. Tom for loving us enough to teach us.

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