Friday, April 2, 2010

Moogie is now Possible and 11 years old!

Possible: having an indicated potential
possible: c.1300, from L. possibilis "that can be done," from posse "be able"

I have been confusing my poor dear children up on the blog for years now. Moogie and Goobers are nothing alike but I can't seam to keep them straight when I type. I have known this for years also. I have searched for the perfect blog name for Moogie. I think I have finally settled on one that I will not forget or confuse. "POSSIBLE"

This child makes things Possible. She has a can do, will do spirit to her. She always has. When the odds are stacked against her she turns them around and makes the impossible POSSIBLE! Way back when she had her heart surgery (5 whole summers ago) she loved the cartoon from the Disney channel called Kim Possible. This kid has that same spirit and spunk that is in the character that she liked so much. For all those reasons I will from now on refer to her as Possible.

Bear doesn't want me to change her name. No one ever calls her Possible he says. I didn't really call her Moogie either; other people did. Maybe now I will remember better. I had a nick name for her that would embarrass her way to much to use as her blog name.

With that said Possible had a birthday this Good Friday. She turned 11. Hard day to have a birthday. No snacks, small meals, and no cake. We planned to celebrate big on Sunday but that changed (later post). We will add pictures of cake and such soon. I am just so glad that God gave us Possible and that this one time crabby baby is now a beautiful pre-teen. She is smart, kind loving and helpful. Possible we love so much and are so proud of you. Happy birthday baby doll.

Thank you Possible for being so understanding about everything. Her birthday was ignored after Bagel got sick (later post) and she didn't care one bit. Her only focus was her sister. I am so proud of her for that! Possible you have grown fine young woman. You know what is important in life and you go for. Thank you for being such a neat person. Love you babe!

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