Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Cuda Season has begun!

The fun has begun! The Cudas are at it again. We love being on the neighborhood swim team so much.
The season started with a party and a new logo. Our team is 40 years old and so is our league. Our team helped form the league with 5 other teams. 40 years later everything looks very different but we are very thankful to those who started it all.
One cool thing is that we have parents on the teams now that were on that original team 40 years ago.
Pooker is now one of the official coaches. Goobers, Bear and Sugar are all Jr. coaches and Possible, Pickle, Princess, and Bagel are just swimming away and Jumba is still a cheer leader from the side line.
It is so good to see the kiddos back with their friends. We miss our friends when we are all busy with school work.
I love that our teens are required to fill out Jr. coach applications. They had to apply and really want this position, making it an honor to be chosen. Here are just a few that made the cut.
Even dad is happy to see his buddies again.
We love this time so much.
Friends are back.

The fun times are back.

The family picture time is back.

The work is back.

And swimming is back.

We love our new 40th year Cuda! Swim away kiddos.

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