Monday, April 26, 2010

Bear's Big Toe

This young man approached me a few weeks back to inform me that I have very few posts on him. It was implied that I love him less because of my lack of "Bear" postings. Well this is not at all the case. Add insult to injury and this poor boy developed a very painful ingrown toe nail. Ouch.This young man just happened to have this misfortune fall upon him at the exact same time as Bagel had her appendix burst. Now the family had to react to Bagel first as her life was in danger. I don't want anyone to think that it was because we like her better, that just isn't true. In the end we got Bear into the doctor and got the toe taken care of. We are very happy with the doctor we see for our feet. He has some swimmers on our "enemy" team. He jokingly told Bear that he might have to sit out the season.

The good news is that all has healed and Bear is back to all his prior activities.

Poor Baby! Bear we do love you, I promise.

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