Wednesday, March 10, 2010

When dad does the dishes!

I must start this post my pointing out that J is always helping with my chores. He has never been a hands off kind of dad. He likes to cook so it has been almost hard for him to let me do more and more of the planning and preparing of the meals. The other night the kids took over and made the entire meal themselves. They just wanted to try a few things. Then when dinner was over J said he would do the dishes if his bride would stay in the kitchen and chat with him. I think that had the kiddos very curious. They never left the room. J washed, I prepared the dishes for washing, someone else put the dishes away all while everyone sat in the kitchen.
Not sure why Jumba put a costume on but we all know he loves Buzz!
Bagel decided to dress like a Knight.
Dad slaved away while the rest of us played.
Sometimes it can get rough.

It was time for a little change so Bagel found the Pooh costume.
The rest still played and dad still worked on the dishes.
Then Jumba got himself ready for bed.
We learned two things that night. #1 Jumba should never be allowed to dress himself and #2 when all of our kiddos get in the same room and start laughing you know it is going to be a fun night. Thanks for doing the dishes and all the other things that you do, J.

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