Saturday, January 23, 2010

What you see and What I see

What you see: When you look at this picture I suspect that you see a very messy back yard. You see play houses thrown together with sheets draped over the tops and paint drop clothes under the entrance. I suspect you might also see a large dog standing on a dilapidated picnic table. I wonder if you also see the Rubbermaid buckets and boards laid out in some sort of messy fashion.

What I see: Clearly this is a picture of the great castle in Narnia. There is a moat around the entrance like any great castle. I see tunnels and passages that lead to the thrones. I also see the Great Aslan looking over all His land.

What you see: In the front a that messy backyard some silly person has dug a hole and inserted a pole. This serve no purpose and the Pole will not even stand up properly.

What I see is the famous lamppost that leads the way for those that enter Narnia through the Wardrobe. It came from our world at the creation of Narnia and it grew from a piece stolen by the White Which. I see three daughters Eve posing near the lamppost knowing that it will help to guide them into this strange world.

What you see: I wonder if you see three silly siblings dressed in table clothes and playing with cheap plastic swords found at the dollar store.

What I see is Three Queens of Narnia practicing for battle. It is their job to defend this precious land. They will give their lives if asked to do so by the Noble Aslan.

What you see: A daring young child threatening her dear innocent mother with the cheapest of weapons.

What I see: A young Queen preparing for battle to defend her kingdom.

What you see: Neen's crazy children standing on that broken down picnic table.

What I see: The Royal Court greeting their subjects after defeating the enemy in battle, protecting all the land, and promising a lifetime of support to their dear friend Aslan. Narnia is safe again and it is now time for rejoicing and celebrating.

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