Monday, December 21, 2009

The real Santa!!

Our neighborhood has the tradition of hosting a visit and breakfast with Santa. The breakfast takes place in the club house of the golf course that sits in our neighborhood. We are not members so this is the only time of year we go and peak around inside.

When we first moved to Houston in 2002 we moved in the first weekend in December. Our Realtors used to live in the neighborhood as well. They told us about this event. Without anything unpacked we headed up to meet Santa. When we got there we learned that we were supposed to have brought can goods for the poor. This event instantly became a tradition. We must do it every year now.

For the 8Th time we grabbed some can good from the cabinets and headed to the club house. Santa was waiting for us. He said that they were just sitting there talking if it was time to pack things up but decided not go until that family, that big family got in to see them. The little ones believe that he must be the real Saint Nick, because he Knows them. After all he knew they were coming and he was waiting to see them. After 7 years I do not know the family behind this activity but we love them. Years ago when we were new they made us feel special and a part of our new surroundings. Here we are years later feeling that way still.

Thank God for those people that organize these activities year after year. Most of the people might not appreciate it but we sure do. My children did not have anything to ask for, they just had thanks to give. We love that this is our tradition and we hope it doesn't end. Santa and his helper even let us help load the donated food into a car to be transported to food bank. The little things like asking the kids to bring Santa food to share with the less fortunate really does hit home with my children. They worried more about what they would give Santa than what they would ask for.

After our donuts we headed off to find the perfect family Christmas shot. . .

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