Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Can you say "Toy Story Obsession?"

Bear has been obsessed with Toy Story since the first movie came out. When he was about 3 years old he got a Woody doll and a Buzz doll for Christmas. He spent hours and hours playing with those two action dolls.

Then the second movie came out. We went to watch it as a family after Thanksgiving Dinner. That was the first and only time we have ever gone to the movies on Thanksgiving. We were so tired from cooking all day, I was tired from cleaning the night before. My family came to Thanksgiving dinner with my children being the only little ones at the time. We finished dinner, cleaned up and left for the movies. It was such a special time as my baby brother joined us. The adult humor in that movie was wonderful. When The Evil Emperor Zurg told Buzz that he was his father (reference to Star Wars) I thought I would loose it. I laughed for ten minutes.

The love of the movie has not ended. Recently Bear purchased movies one and two so that he could teach Jumba all about the characters. We have a plan for summer. We will watch number One on the big screen outside on Friday night and then Two on Saturday night with all of our neighborhood friends. Then after we attend Mass on Sunday we will meet our friends (if any want to be as crazy as us at that point) at the movie theater to watch number 3. We can't wait.
Ironically number 3 is about Andy moving out of the house and his toys needing a good home. The trailer says that "no toy will be left behind." My rag tag group relate to different characters in this movie and they all love that as their Pooker has grown up and is moving on that she still remembers and plays with each one of them. The Texas T is a collective group. I pray for future spouses. I pray that they will appreciate the group and not be jealous of the friendships that the children have with each other. I pray that we will be able to welcome new characters as our adventures grow. I hope that we can teach each future member about the important memories about this crazy group of kiddos. One of these favorite memories is that to Toy Story.
Jumba now loves every character and hopes to get the dolls for Christmas as well. Something tells me that this is going to be a magical year with the boys bonding over these crazy movies. Toy Story 3 promises to be a good one.

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