Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Eve Wii Tournament

Having our home so far from other family means that we stay put for Thanksgiving. With so many children we had started cooking our own meal and inviting others to us even before we left St. Louis. A few weeks back when we had the outside movie night with neighbors, J and Mr. T decided that we should have a Wii Tournament before Thanksgiving.We cleaned the house and set it all up. We cooked and prepared the food and drinks.

We had five families join in the fun. With a few more random teenagers we had about 40 people over.

Our little ones played together. The older ones competed against each other on three different Wii systems.

There was constant commotion as people moved from station to station. You were not doing so well if you passed up with a "L" on your arm.
This was a crazy fun night.
Friends spending time together, just playing.
This was so much fun.
It might just have become a yearly event!
As we cleaned up late that night we were so thankful for our home, for all of our friends and the good times we had just shared. Jumba had so much fun that he grabbed a microphone (a Wii controller pretending to be a mic.) and stated signing the theme from Land of the Lost for us. What a night! You know it was good fun when the baby brakes out into song.

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