Friday, November 20, 2009

Pickle is now 9 years old!

Things are slowly getting back to normal. This week was better than last and next week will be even better we hope. The sad event this week was knowing that no cake was going to magically appear from Miss Linda. Pickle's day today was our first one after having her pass away. Without knowing this Miss Linda's mom called and said that she was at the house. I told her we would stop by. It was so nice being able to give Linda's mom a hug.
We asked Pickle what fun thing he hoped to do for his 9Th birthday. Lunch at McDonald's. We wanted to spend time there playing today. It was his call and I was emotional so I figured as long as he was happy then the rest of us would feel better also.
The exciting part was that Pooker had a break from classes and was able to join us. It is a real treat for us all to be able to spend our time together as a group. The kiddos are asking to get out of the house more often and want me to be more demanding with their school work. We decided we would enjoy Pickles day and then plan more work for the next week.
Apparently I wasn't that into the planning. The little ones were climbing and running. They were having fun. I could hear them all. Then I heard Pickle say sarcastically,
"Happy Birthday to me, Mom is having so much fun she can't stay awake."
Poor Pickle I do love spending time with him.
We brought everyone home and Pooker had to study and then off to work. We needed something for dinner that was a little faster to cook than the beef I had thawed for meatloaf. I grabbed dad with Pickle and Jumba and we went to buy the cake. I am sorry Linda, I know that it upsets you that my kiddos have to have store bought on their birthday. Pickle requested that I buy a cheesecake and not even try to make one. He knew that mine would never be as good as yours.
Pickle you are a bright and happy young man. Your dad and I love you very much. I think that your smile is so wonderful. You think about things very clearly. You are very logical. You have a dry sense of humor. You are so kind and compassionate. You love your sisters. My favorite memory from the past week is when you came up to me and proudly said,
"I just spent the past two hours in the room with Sugar and Moogie. We just talked about stuff. I feel like a teenager or something. It is just like how Bear talks to Pooker and Goobers all the time."
Yes it is baby doll, I love that you are growing up into such a kind young man.
9 years old is very mature, it really is. Happy birthday, Pickle Baby, we love you bunches and bunches!

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