Saturday, November 28, 2009

Movie Time

Oh how I love movies at Christmas time. I think for me the season is about cuddling up with my husband and our children and watching a fun flick.

Thursday night we watched 27 Dresses. Cute movie. J picked it because I like it. We didn't see the very beginning but most of the movie. The little ones were in bed and we watched another movie that was not the best but it made us laugh. Superhero Movie is the title and I think it was meant to be a spoof of all the other superhero type movies out there. I don't recommend it but we did giggle a tad.

I love Christmas movies. Yesterday we watched parts of some while doing chores and eating leftovers. We caught part of the what I thought was the classic version but it turnout out to be a remake of Miracle on 34th Street 1973. We stopped watching it. I prefer two different versions that this one.

We watched part of Elf. This is a silly movie that is all about the Christmas spirit. I don't cry over it which is rare for Christmas movies. The young ones like it so all is good.

We watched almost the entire flick of Meet the Santas. This is one of those movies that was made for television. They seam to be my favorites anyway this time of year. No tears just smiles. It is silly and has no basis in Christian faith but still a fun movie.

Last night Pooker and Goobers and I watched The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. This was a late night flick. The girls and I didn't get to bed until about 2:45 a.m. I think these movies (1 & 2) are not for young young girls but I love watching them with my 18 year old and my 15 year old. The friendships and story lines left us the ability to talk about topics that are sometimes taboo for young girls; like premarital sex, death of a parent and peer pressure.

As I wrote this I was listening to one of my all time favorite movies. Return to Me. I love this movie so much. So do the older kiddos. Pooker is writing a paper on the story for classes as well. We laugh at it, we cry at it, we love the Catholic references and the nuns on bikes at the end of the movie. It makes me hungry for Italian food and the dinners of Chicago.
I can't wait to see what else this weekend brings my way as we decorate the tree tomorrow. I love the family time that we spend together eating popcorn and watching a movie. I pray that you have a wonderful weekend cuddled on the coach with your loved ones as well.


  1. I love Christmas movies too :) We watched part of Elf today, and there's normally always random Christmas movies on the tv in our house! My family and I definitely enjoy our tv time together :)

  2. Hey girl! We watch movies all the time, so we're quite the movie buffs. We watched a few this weekend you would probably like. One was called the Final Inquiry. It takes place right after the Crucifixion a Roman soldier looking into the accounts of Christ's life. Very Good! Another one called Amazing Grace about a man in England that spent his entire life trying to abolish slavery. Not for little kids, but well done and touching. The other movie that was good for the whole family was "The Lost and Found Family" acting was corny, but the story is touching. And thanks to you Return to Me is another of my favorites too!


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