Thursday, November 12, 2009

Good Bye Linda

After the very long and emotional day of saying good bye to a dear friend we joined the family in some relaxing time. Her husband shared pictures of the past few weeks with us. We cried, laughed and hung on to the day. We all knew that things would be forever different after this day. Linda had died and her body was now buried. Normal would never be the same.
My children joined Linda's sister and Linda's babies in letting go of a few balloons. It was a joyous event to watch the little ones send Mrs. T a balloon surprise.

The kiddos know that Linda will not get an actual balloon but we liked sending the message none the less. We know that she got the love that was behind the balloons. It was nice to smile and find a little peace as we watched the balloons float away.

It was a very hard day but her kiddos are holding strong. Please keep these two and their daddy in your constant prayers. All our love!

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