Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Getting Ready

The holidays are on their way so we need to get ready. I think that everything has taken on a different meaning for us this year. I sat with Goobers the other evening as we discussed Christmas presents. A few years back we noticed that the season seamed to be more about the gifts and not about the joy of our salvation made possible through the birth of baby. God loved his creation so much that he became part of that creation to save it. He became a human (in a perfect form) but human non the less. He was born as a baby. He humbled himself to live our life out of love. That is a gift of self that is impossible to mirror. We try with trinkets and toys but in reality they are a waste.

I have researched Christmas. I love the season, I love the decorations and I love the joy and peace that we should feel. We made the decision years back to only give each child 3 gifts under the tree. Only we knew which ones came from us and which ones came from Santa. So Goobers and I were discussing how I have grown to dislike the season. I become consumed with guilt and the lack of extra money in the budget to purchase even those 3 gifts per person. This is when my student became the teacher.

Mom, what are you talking about. Christmas isn't about the presents, it never
was. We love Christmas because we spend time together. We focus on Christ and
our faith in a real way. You and dad have made Christmas about so much more than
gifts. That is what is important to us. If you would enjoy what we are supposed
to enjoy without gifts, then don't get gifts.

She is right. The past few years it wasn't a problem for anyone but me. I stress for no reason. It doesn't matter what kind of presents are under the tree. It doesn't even matter what kind of tree or what kind of ornaments. We will make the best of whatever we have because we now have the hope of heaven. This year we have lost close friends. We know they will have a far better Christmas without us than we will without them. We need to focus on the gift that heaven brought all humanity. One perfect child that would give Himself so that we could have heaven.

With that new found respect for the true meaning of all the upcoming holidays we started to clean up the house. No extra money for big purchases. We could use a new coach and refrigerator. We could stand to replace the the floors an put tile throughout. We would love to redo the kitchen and the laundry room. It would be nice to have better cabinets and room for the second dryer. None of that could happen. We did take the extra paints from around the house and touch up everywhere. We cleaned, wiped down and scrubbed to floors and the walls. We created a new feel, a fresh feel. The feel of hope and promise that the season is supposed to bring. This year as we pull out our old decorations and put them around our worn out furniture we will be most joyful.

Our home is now shinning with the little faces of a family that worked hard, worked together and worked with a purpose. I hope and pray that as you prepare for the Holidays you will find the joy and the peace that I have been reminded of. I pray that your heart warms with the love of your family and friends here on earth as you rejoice in the promise of heaven.

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