Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birthday J!

We had a blast over the weekend. J had a birthday. He is still only 23 years old and the kids are not sure how that is happening. We started off at Church with a showing of Horton and Who. The older kids headed to another movie while dad and the younger bunch headed out for ice cream. Saturday we let the bird go and did errands all day. Sunday was his big day. We went to Mass after a big breakfast. Pooker had to work but made sure it was at Dad's favorite pool. The kids all walked up to the pool and called dad to let him know that it was pretty much empty.
As we walked into the pool area the few families that were there stopped and joined our kiddos in singing happy birthday. The T children had all gone to the store the day before and with their own money had purchased an endless supply of pool toys for dad's gift. They told him it was because they all loved spending time with him at the pool. I think he has used those gifts every day sense. They all love the pool so much! He spent that afternoon playing catch with our kids and everyone elses. He really did have a blast. Happy birthday big guy! We love you.

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