Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ya Gotta Love The Drive In

We do. For us it is a very cheap way to see some good movies. The cost is about $5 per person for 2 flicks. Now the draw back is that it is hard to watch the movies from the 15 passenger van. We bring lots of chairs and even pull a few seats out of the van. You have to find a good spot. These days the drive in does not have the those polls that stick up out of the ground all over the place. Instead they require you to tune into a certain radio station. They do offer a jump if you run down your battery but we just get some fresh batteries and bring a portable radio.
My gang loves watching movies. This is even better though. We have to get there early enough to get a good parking spot so what do you do with all that time while you wait for the movie to start? You play at the park and throw around a football.
Here is Pickle. He just loves this time with dad and the big kiddos.
Everyone gets to play if they want to. If you don't like that you can swing or play on something else at the park.

Pickle hates to get hurt. Poor kid got a pretty bad jam trying to catch the ball. The rest of the night he blamed his dad for throwing to hard.
Pooker is a life guard so she was there to apply first aid. Thank goodness she was there to save the finger. Unfortunately we did not have any medical tape. Pickle loved the tall grass solution.

Now Jumba was in heaven with all the dirt. He didn't even go play at all. He hung out with mom at the car and enjoyed his dirty surroundings.
Aside from having a very messy baby when we arrived at home, Jumba had a blast.
Hang tight, the sun has gone down and it is now movie time!

How many kiddos can you fit on the outside of a 15 packer?


  1. How fun! Where is there a drive-in around here?

  2. That looks like so much fun...I guess there's no room to "bring a friend"...but who needs friends when you have 9 siblings, right?!!!

    That looks like one sore and swollen finger!

  3. Megan, the drive in is way out 2920 on the other side of Tomball. It is great fun!

    Pickle's finger is all better. We actually met friends there. It is true that we don't need extra friends we have them built in.


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