Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Bagel

Today my little Bagel turned 5. She was so happy. Today she got to pick the day. We started with swim practice. The team sang to her. She requested that we hang out and swim after practice. Jumba wasn't that happy but he played along for awhile. We then got McDonalds for a late lunch with a movie that Bagel picked from Red Box herself. After dinner we all gathered around to sing to the birthday girl.
Bagel is my strong willed, happy about life, slow to react, but has a temper young woman. This little one likes to be perfect at something before she lets others see. She tries everything but doesn't always want an audience. She adores her siblings but often fights to get her point heard. She hates being corrected. She loves to be in the middle of everything. Bagel has a great sense of humor. She can go with the flow. She loves to giggle, to swim, to watch cartoons, play on the computer and eat apples!!!Happy number 5 pretty girl. Mom and dad love you bunches and bunches.


  1. Bagel and Mary are only a few months apart and sound like they have much in common! Hopefully, someday, we can hook-up at a high school reunion and let our (little ones...hopefully, they'll still be little) play together. I think we might have another one close in age as well. (I have one that will turn 3 in November).

    Happy birthday, Bagel! 5 is a magical number!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Bagel. The BIG 5. YAY. Christopher sends hugs to you.


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